Negi’s friends begins to interest negative attract on account of Mami’s employment, and Papi dislikes the fact Mami works

Negi’s friends begins to interest negative attract on account of Mami’s employment, and Papi dislikes the fact Mami works

Mami claims that they require currency and soon requires Negi to adopt more responsibility to have caring for this lady siblings. Negi seeks, but given that a child herself she is unable to imitate the girl mother’s expert. During this time Negi envies her relative Jenny , a spoiled simply son. Someday, Negi’s sister Delsa returns and you may claims one to Jenny was offering kids trips on her behalf brand new bicycle. Negi runs to collect her siblings, however, Jenny claims on the providing nothing Raymond a drive. Negi struggles to handle this lady siblings and goes family alone, regardless of if she operates when she hears shouts out of aches and you can terror. Raymond and you may Jenny possess fallen, and you can Raymond’s feet had caught in the bike strings. Negi feels in control, it is afterwards mad in the event that grownups fault Jenny. Not long shortly after Raymond’s crash, Mami moves the youngsters back once again to Santurce, to help you a neighbor hood named Este Mangle.

Este Mangle floats towards the a great lagoon filled up with sewage. Negi stands up the first early morning and you may Mami reveals their how to make use of the toilet, that’s nothing more than a gap cut towards flooring. Negi panics when she attempts to use this bathroom and Mami and you will Dona Andrea , this lady they have been staying with, li ultimately enrolls Negi in school. Negi hates the girl professor, Senora Leona , just like the she’s suggest and you can insists on talking only inside Spanish. Senora Leona phone calls Negi jibara just like the a keen insult.

One early morning, Mami asks Negi to behave extremely special: close a dead child’s eyes. Negi hesitantly agrees. The action is actually frightening and Negi scrubs herself later. A short time after, Negi and you will Senora Leona keeps an enthusiastic altercation in the classification, but Papi miraculously appears and you may saves Negi. Papi convinces Mami to go in order to a flat when you look at the Santurce behind a bar. Shortly after Xmas, Mami takes Negi so you mГ­t na tГ©to webovГ© strГЎnce nahlГ©dnout can Tio Lalo ‘s household to remain to own some time. Within food, Negi discovers one Mami is about to New york that have Raymond to see an expert. You to nights, Negi discovers regarding their cousin Gladys that Negi will have to let peel carrots on her uncle’s greatest stuffed potato testicle. Negi peels carrots each morning for the next several weeks up until Mami yields. Soon after Mami efficiency, the household motions again and Negi conveys a want to see playing cello. Papi organizes getting Negi for taking courses having Don Luis . Negi provides their sessions as well as the attention she get out-of Wear Luis up until she realizes that he could be trying to look-down her blouse in the their development chest. The fresh lessons stop quickly.

Raymond’s legs will not fix, and you can Mami vows to track down him an expert

Titi Generosa concerns stick to the youngsters, and you will Negi’s siblings torment this lady. Papi eventually requires Negi to Tio Lalo’s home. Whenever Mami returns regarding Ny discover Negi, she says to Negi you to definitely she came home to get the home closed additionally the children delivered one of loved ones. As the Mami and Negi stroll with the shuttle, guys catcall Mami, and you may Negi was scared and you may mad. Mami and you will Papi disperse together to some other domestic close a beneficial greens. Negi’s very first crush, Johannes , concerns our home one day, but Negi believes he does not compare with the brand new men in her own detergent operas.

Negi becomes her own space and you may uses the woman time hearing radio detergent operas in the type men entitled Ricardo or Armando , and dreams intensely about loving relationships as the she observe this lady moms and dads battle about

The few days before Negi’s 13th birthday, Papi tells the woman one to Mami is about to go on to The brand new York. Mami verifies, and you can she and you will Papi features a horrible struggle about the truth one Papi wouldn’t i packages her things and you will thirty day period afterwards, takes Negi, Raymond, and you can Edna together in order to Nyc. It transfer to a flat over Tata , Mami’s mother. Whenever Negi starts college, she negotiates into information specialist so that her to go into eighth degrees when the she will be able to see English by Christmas time. Negi was baffled because of the social framework in the school: white Americans, Italians, Puerto Ricans, and black colored Us citizens endeavor one another usually. Just after two months, Mami and you may Negi move to more substantial apartment and so the other individuals out of Negi’s siblings will come. Soon after they come, Negi begins her months and Mami purchases the lady the girl very first bra.

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